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High-precision instrumentation
for analysis of impurities

CI Analytics is a world leader in the manufacture of instruments for measuring low levels of inorganic impurities in liquefied petroleum gases, liquids and more.

With cutting-edge production facilities in Quebec, Canada, we design, manufacture and distribute a wide array of scientific instrumentation for the analysis of impurities in the natural gas, petrochemicals and chemical products, pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage industries.

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Founded in 1988, the company boasts industry-savvy employees that are dedicated to helping clients improve production efficiency, meet regulatory requirements and enhance workplace safety. Whether you require lab or process analyzers, all our products incorporate advanced technologies to provide real-time analysis, data collection and control function.

All our instruments are fully customizable and subjected to rigorous testing, ensuring accurate and precise results each and every time. Our stringent quality control system is measured and certified by ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, our full array of instruments, including those for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, conform to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The ability to detect trace level impurities gives you unparalleled peace of mind. Please explore our Products section for more information on our high-performance solutions for your specific application.

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Lab and process analyzers:
Delivering consistent, reliable results

All CI Analytics lab and process analyzers are designed to ensure consistent, accurate results each and every time. They are based on a strong and innovative technologies that help detect and quantify inorganic impurities at ppm and ppb levels. All our instruments provide fast measurement, require virtually no recalibration and can operate in extreme conditions. Our analyzers are easy to integrate and operate and are also user-friendly and rugged for harsh conditions (i.e. shocks, vibration noise, and high/low temperatures).

What’s more, our lab and process analyzers do not generate any false alarms. Instead, they respond to the target gas while allowing detection of ultra-low levels up to percentage levels. They also provide early warning detection and physical evidence of impurities. Our sensi-tape analyzers avoid costly replacement parts for cells and UV lamps. Another benefit: our analyzers’ consumables are pennies per analysis, thereby making the cost of ownership some of the lowest when it comes to cost per analysis; the true measure for your annual bottom-line!

CI Analytics also provides delivery, installation, training as well as onsite and remote technical support for all its lab analyzers, process analyzers and accessories.

Lab Analyzers

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Process Analyzers

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Serving an array of industries

A global pioneer in innovation, safety, quality and excellence, CI Analytics is proud to offer advanced technological products to its clients in North America, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, India, Brazil, France, Germany, South Africa, Thailand, China, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Papua New Guinea and Nigeria. Our team of committed scientists and engineers are always striving to improve the company’s service offer and provide customized solutions to complex problems.

Our many applications include ammonia monitoring in ethylene polymerization, hydrogen sulfide monitoring of liquefied petroleum and natural gas, hydrogen chloride in crude oil products, as well as NOₓ in olefins production, total sulfur monitoring in naphtha and arsine monitoring in propylene polymerization.

Over the past 32 years, we have helped the natural gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturing industries stay safe, efficient, proactive – and highly competitive.

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