Dry colorimetry:
Classic analytical technique for updated automatic performance

Our Dry Colorimetric Detector – or tape analyzer – uses an innovative dry colorimetry technique in which a filter paper chemically impregnated with a substance reacts selectively to a target compound, producing a color change that is sensed by an optic photodiode system. This specific, sensitive and selective technique enables the detection of very low levels of impurities.

Dry Colorimetry technology image

User-friendly and straightforward, the detector does not require extensive training of technical personnel. The cost of consumables needed to efficiently operate is very low. The detector is extremely sensitive because the Sensi-tape® acts as a trap when the sample goes through (does not BOUNCE off as with other tape based analyzers), which allows an accurate response in seconds.

Moreover, the Dry Colorimetric Detector delivers proof-positive results that can be seen on the paper after analytes pass through. Safe to handle (i.e. no more harmful than household chemicals), it has no hidden costs and is affordable and easy to replace. What’s more, it does not generate false alarms, detects ultra-low levels and early warning of impurities – and does not require special permits or waste disposal (always review your local laws to be certain you comply).

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