Lab Analyzers

Lab analyzers:
State-of-the-art engineering and ingenuity

Our impressive lab analyzers provide reliable and precise results time in and time out. Based on cutting-edge technology, they allow the detection of impurities at extremely low levels. Other impressive features include ease of integration and operation, user-friendliness and high versatility (impurity switching).

A single lab analyzer not only provides multiple impurity capability, but also measures both gas and liquid samples – convenient cost-saving features. Our machines are LIMS-compatible, feature versatile concentration ranges (ppb, ppm, %) and come with a software-controlled impurity switching option. Moreover, they represent a low cost of ownership over their lifetime and can be adapted to your specific budget.

Depending on your particular requirements, our state-of-the art model 2010L, SuperC AMF, 9600L and 9600L Gold lab analyzers – as well as our new laser gas analyzer – all deliver proven reliability and accuracy.

CI Analytics provides comprehensive support and service for its entire range of lab analyzers. From delivery and installation to remote and onsite technical support to training at our offices or yours, we are with you every step of the way!

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