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Also known as the petroleum industry, the oil and gas industry encompasses global efforts to extract hydrocarbons from the earth, and process them into useful substances. This industry comprises a number of basic categories, including extraction, processing and transportation. Oil and gas extraction is carried out on land or at sea, and hydrocarbon deposits of various forms are found worldwide.

Doing our part for the petroleum industry:

Helping improve processes by lowering costs related to production

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In addition to making the gasoline and diesel fuels needed to run automobiles, the oil and gas industry is instrumental in the production of fertilizers, plastics and numerous other substances. Furthermore, distribution activities in this industry involve pipelines, tanker ships and other ways of transporting raw materials to processing facilities and refined materials to other sectors and end users.

On the technology front, CI Analytics’ array of analyzers offers invaluable data capturing for the environment by improving manufacturing and petrochemical industry processes with innovative, leading-edge and reliable hydrocarbon impurity analysis solutions. Generally speaking, the environmental industry includes activities that produce goods and services in order to measure, prevent, reduce and correct ecological damage to water, soil and air in addition to problems involving noise, waste and ecosystems.

Moreover, approximately one third of the world’s energy consumption and 36% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions stem from manufacturing industries. Accounting for more than two-thirds of this amount are the major primary materials industries such as pulp and paper, iron and steel, cement, chemical, petrochemicals and other minerals and metals. This is where CI Analytics has a key role by detecting impurities through innovation, safety, quality and excellence one client at a time.

CI Analytics is also proud to serve clients in the following sectors:

• Food and beverage industry – encompassing a wide range of businesses that package, prepare, transport and serve food or beverages

• Pharmaceutical industry – comprising companies that develop and manufacture generic or brand medications as well as medical devices

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