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Versatile process analyzer ideal for detecting impurities in the oil and gas industry

Having a fixed calibration curve and a single range is often not sufficient to meet your specific requirements. This is where the 9710 Process Analyzer shines through, allowing users to detect 11 different impurities (one at a time) and measure up to four streams.

Thanks to its dynamic ciSmart software, this multipurpose process analyzer is robust and agile enough to handle the gas and LPG detection needs of any environment. Wall mountable, the 9710 includes area classifications (Atex – zone 1 or 2; Class 1 Div1/Div2, Group B, C, D), digital flow controls, multiple communication protocols and Nema 4x ip66 enclosures.

Smart, efficient and long-lasting, the CI Analytics 9710 Process Analyzer is the obvious solution for clients in the oil and gas industry.

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